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Exhibition at Froot Loop

If you happen to be near the lovely little Froot Loop bistro in Bideford, please call in for a coffee or food (interesting vegetarian options on offer).  This month (June) I have between 10 and 20 smaller paintings exhibited there.  Talk to Chloe (not Saturday's) and bask in the enchanting little garden behind,
Bob Dylan at 70
Today, 24 May, Happy Birthday, Mr Dylan is 70.  My last brief entry applies here straightforwardly.  Listening to a programme about Dylan's women last night, it struck me on the  collaboration between visual art and music that can sometimes exist. 


Genius makes its own rules, I've heard it said.    Genius or not, this is at the heart of art

She was Lost and is now Found

Gregorys_girl_Blackpool_Oil_on_canvas_2                                      Gregorys_girlfriends_friend_Oil_on_board_54_x_41cm_3

This painting (above left) had mysteriously disappeared.  She had a good friend (above right)... both can be seen in the Latest Work gallery.

In  the 1960s they were close and cheerful friends, so I was very sad to see them separated. 

Anyway, yesterday...,

Howard Hodgkin prints


Norwich, 1999-2000, Copyright the Artist.

A terrific exhibition is on at the Burton Gallery and Museum in Bideford.  Rare for such an esteemed artist to honour us down here, so it's well worth a vist for anyone interested in good modern art.   More details follow... please catch it if you can.

Some details ...

Landscape, Figure and Natural Beauty

Vincent van Gogh is best known for the fabulous landscapes but he said in a letter to Theo in 1882, "Much as I love landscape, I love figures even more.”  That is interesting because I also began besotted by landscape and nature and thought it was down to a past life embroiled in wildlife conservation that always kept at bay the human figure.  Eventually though they came to merge in the Figurescapes.  And by and by Figurework became more central.  It’s an example of the evolution necessary to progress.

I can see now more clearly how Cezanne ended up painting his strange huge Bathers.

Today, in a curious coming together of disparate things